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150 Sidney Street, Unit 6 Belleville, ON K8P 5E2
T: 613-966-9955

Trenton Hitchons Team
Harley Hamlin, Hearing Instrument Specialist | Nicole lasenza, Hearing Instrument Specialist/Co-Owner | Loriann Carveth, Hearing Consultant | Niki Smith, Hearing Consultant



23 Balsam St., Trenton ON K8V 4T5 (Off Elgin St.)
T: 613-955-1000

Belleville Hitchons Team
Katherine Cunningham, Hearing Instrument Specialist/Co-Owner | Jennifer Towns, Hearing Consultant | Lori Carmichael, Hearing Consultant | Angela Parker, Hearing Instrument Specialist



1 McFarland Drive, Picton ON K0K 2T0
T: 613-471-1800

Picton Hitchons Team
Dan Armstrong, Hearing Instrument Dispenser | Nicole lasenza, Hearing Instrument Specialist/Co-Owner | Jenny Whittaker, Hearing Consultant