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A Tinnitus Treatment Customized for Each Sufferer

At Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments we know the problems that tinnitus sufferers have dealt with. This is why we work hard to provide a treatment that has three qualities:

  • Effective
  • Affordable
  • Enjoyable to use

We understand and appreciate the frustration of tinnitus sufferers. Being told that you have to live with your tinnitus, feeling as though you are alone and that others do not know what you going through, or not being able to enjoy the things that you once could. These are all issues that tinnitus sufferers are dealing with along with the constant noise they hear.

The people who work at Sound Options have spoken to countless tinnitus sufferers and have taken the time to learn about their journeys and experiences. We are motivated by these stories and our company is dedicated to presenting tinnitus sufferers with a treatment that works and that is accessible to anyone.

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A Next-Generation Tinnitus Treatment

Our tinnitus treatment was developed using cutting-edge neuroscience and rigorous tinnitus research. We are leading the way with a next generation sound therapy that is customized to each individual tinnitus sufferer. How we customize the music and what information we take into account is part of what makes our approach unique.

This cutting-edge treatment does not simply aim to mask your tinnitus while you listen. Our customized sound therapy targets a range of factors within the brain that have been linked to tinnitus.  By doing this, we are able to address the unique underlying causes of tinnitus for each individual that receives our treatment.